Art walk

There is a guided walking tour that takes you past various private art galleries, museums and public works of art.

Western route: Het Perron cultural center, Vandevoorde art and furniture house, Pauwels Art Gallery and Inge Goossens ceramics.

Distance: 2.5 km.

Southern route: Adrienne D.ceramic art, Little Art Gallery, Optiek Porteman, Frock Gallery, ABC-ENCQ, Honoré d’O, R121:, a passion for art.
Distance: 1.9 km.

Start and end of the Tourist Office.

During the weekend of Art in Ypres on May 23-24-25, 2025: Start: 2:30 PM – End: 5:30 PM.

Cost during the Art in Ypres weekend: free. Pre-registration via the website of Art in Ypres or the Tourist Office is necessary.

Outside the weekend of Art in Ypres: to be agreed. Preference here is for a Saturday.
Cost outside the weekend of Art in Ypres: €5.00 pp. You can register via Patrick Deldaele. See coordinates below.

Max 15 participants per group.A stopover is possible.
Consumptions during the stopover are at your own expense.

Contact: Patrick Deldaele,
tel: +32 476 396 998.

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Location: Grote Markt 13, 8900 Ypres

Chantal got the art-loving DNA from her grandmother, Adrienne Dupont, daughter of the former Dupont industrial pottery bakery in Poperinge.

The activity of this family business officially dates back to the 16th century but later foundation works unearthed potshards from the 14th century.

Passionate about drawing and painting since childhood, Chantal found a true passion in ceramics a few years ago. 

Continually educating herself in Art School and in workshops with renowned artists, Chantal aims to immerse herself in contemporary ceramics, get to know artists personally, understand their techniques and share knowledge about the lengthy and risky process from concept to realization.

Location: Rijselsestraat 26, 8900 Ypres

Frock Gallery is a contemporary art gallery founded in 2019 by Annelies Deltour and artist Matt Frock. The gallery is free to explore and experience local and international art. 

Each exhibition is the result of an intense collaboration between the gallery and the artist. Every exhibition begins with the artist’s inspiration and ends with the viewer in awe before the work. Matt and Annelies love to collaborate with everyone at the beginning, middle and end of the process – from artist to collector – It’s the people that make the magic! 

Location: Diksmuidestraat 45, 8900 Ypres

Inge studied ceramics for 12 years and dreamed of starting her own studio. In February 2015, she got started with her own kiln and some turntables. Most of her ceramics consist of everyday tableware, stoneware and porcelain made on a wheel.

Inge strives to make beautiful things that are appealing and bring joy to people. Her years of expertise and experience led her to teach courses and workshops. Her studio has a pleasant atmosphere and is comfortable to work in. On the 1st floor above the ceramics studio is the studio store with a large selection of ceramics.

Location: Rijselsestraat 4, 8900 Ypres

Katrien wants to make small and large art accessible to a wide audience. For everyone. The art exhibited is very accessible and fun for all. 

Visitors can discover and buy art.

Location: Elverdingestraat 3, 8900 Ypres

Xavier and Anneke host art and art experiences in their very English-looking chapel house in a wing of the Eton School. Xavier works on art individually in his gallery, an act that requires special skill (Van Dale). He prefers to use oil paint and also makes use of canvas, organic material, leftover material, etc. 

Various forms of art production are featured: painting, sculpture, ceramics, silver, glass, metal, wood, cotton, flax, poetry, and music. The street and some stately homes provide the backdrop for this exciting initiative. 

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Location: Try Out Art gallery (popup), Rijselstraat 15, 8900 Ieper (gallery) Sulferbergstraat 2, 8954 Westouter

Try Out Art gallery was founded in 2022 by Ivette Decrock, is located in Westouter and specializes in contemporary African visual art. 

Location: Rijselsestraat 121, 8900 Ypres

R121Art is a non-profit organization that organizes exhibitions, art projects and artistic events for a wide audience. The art house R121 aims to create a space where the art and the public can meet. “Art” becomes the lever for encounters. The house is a place of aggregation, of connection.

R121: a passion for art…

Location: (popup) Rijselstraat 15, 8900 Ypres (gallery) Sulferbergstraat 2, 8954 Westouter

Try Out Art gallery was founded in 2022 by Ivette Decrock, is located in Westouter and specializes in contemporary African visual art. 

Location: Goesdamstraat 17a, 8900 Ypres

“Where art and furniture come together in the setting of a restored hop warehouse.

The Vandevoorde house was initially an exclusive furniture house that specialized (and is) in English furniture. In 2006, a section was added: art. Here you will find more than 100 pieces of figurative painting, bronze and ceramics. Hence the appropriate baseline: Art Meets Furniture.

“In this way, art and furniture are presented together in the four-story space.”

Location: Lakenhallen, Grote Markt 34, 8900 Ypres

Reservation only required for the nocturne on Friday evening

The Yper Museum is the ideal place to start your visit to Ypres and the Westhoek. Discover the fascinating story from the Middle Ages to today through interactive media and extraordinary collection pieces. From archaeological finds and paintings to one of Bellewaerde’s iconic roller coaster beetles. The museum is located in the imposing Cloth Halls, in the middle of Ypres Market Place.

Location: Merghelynckstraat 2, 8900 Ypres

Reservation required (see,

In the Merghelynck Museum you walk through elegant salons, mirrored rooms and playful boudoirs. Everything in the house breathes the 18th century. The wonderful art collection was collected in the 19th century by Arthur Merghelynck. It includes unique porcelain, furniture in refined marquetry, ornate paintings, musical instruments, utensils and typical 18th-century design. You feel as if you are back in the wig time!

Location: Maloulaan 1, 8900 Ypres

Cultural center Het Perron realizes its own professional cultural offer: every cultural season we program a relevant sample of various cultural disciplines, complementary to local and regional needs. We focus on the widest possible audience – with an eye for special target groups.  Cultural experience and encounter are central.

Besides our own cultural program with music, theater, humor, family and school performances, we curate art exhibitions. we open our doors to other organizers, associations, and we offer logistical support in their activities.

At the back of the building is a mural by Simon Delahaye and Timothy Vanlerberghe.

Location: Weverijstraat 33/35, 8900 Ypres

Welcome to the Vleeshuis and the Belle Godshuis at this fascinating expo, where eight students of dé Academie Ieper (Ypres Academy) exhibit their own artworks. After five intense years of training in Ceramics, Drawing and Painting, these students followed two additional years of specialization. They each gradually developed their own style, worked around their own chosen themes and now present everything in their own way. At this expo, they will show “preus lik feertig” their graduation works … so it promises to be impressive!